Object-Oriented Software Engineering with Design Patterns (Java)

This module mainly consisted of looking into software development in an object-oriented approach, utilising design patterns to inform the design. The main aim was to create a software that was capable of assigning both short and long-term cars to members of the Transport Office.

These members can request certain vehicles and each vehicle is registered in the database with information relevant to the car (e.g. make, plate number, last service date and who has it loaned out). The software needed to also allow for the addition and removal of any cars, and suitable error handling should something be wrong with any addition or removal.

I found this module very challenging, mainly due to the inclusion of XML diagrams and design patterns. During the project, I found it very hard to wrap my head around the idea of having a general solution for a general problem and thought that this must be some concrete way of combatting the solution rather than guidance on how to create the solution and how it should be structured.

In the future, I will be aiming to learn more about design patterns and hope to further my ability to include them in programs that they are suitable for.

For a more detailed report on the project please read – ReflectiveReport

A video is unable to be made for this project due to corrupt source packages. I will attempt to find a working solution in the meantime.

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