Design Process

The main objectives of this module were to understand the processes involved when designing a game or interactive experience and utilise these to create an interactive street scene with story elements.

The module started out with learning some basics within 3DS Max, I already knew most of this thanks to my College course but it was a helpful refresher. For the first weeks hand-in, we were expected to create a small scene containing a robot and a snowman that we had created. We were asked to add unique details to the snowman and I decided to make a tree and use a slightly blue light to complement the scene.


The next week we were tasked with replicating a postbox, wine bottle, a dice, coke can and a crate. The task also involved using UV maps to texture each object.


The following week we were then tasked with creating a desk with three suitable items of our choice. I chose to create a monitor, pc and keyboard, as I felt this gave me a variety of shapes to work with, and gave plenty of intricate detail to explore.

In the fourth week, we were tasked with creating a house with intricate detail, like wood beams through the walls and detail in the windows. After completing this we were also asked to add on a conservatory, as part of one model, not two separate models.

During the fifth week, we explored the creation of vegetation and how games utilise flat vegetation to get more detail within them and a more believable environment.


In the sixth week, we looked into Unity animation and lighting so that we knew the basics of both of these systems and how to utilise them within our projects.

Throughout the six weeks, we also looked into some game design documents, what elements they contain and why they are used.

Fatal Rage GDD 1

In the first GDD, I explore a 2D brawler game idea and try to flesh out as much detail within the game, including mechanics and art styles.

Morbo Spatium (GDD 2)

The second GDD was a team effort of four of us, designing towards a set brief, with our own unique idea.

The Heist GDD 3

The third GDD was set to try and incorporate two games major mechanics being crafted together to create a better experience. I chose to look at Payday 2’s wave-based shooter mechanics and Dark Souls’ invasion mechanics. This seemed like a really appealing idea to me as I love both of these games and feel that Payday 2 with the invasion mechanic would add much more replayability to the game and allow for better rewards each game as success would be less likely.

Reflective Document

For the hand-in, we were also asked to provide a reflective document to show our self-critical analysis skills and our understanding of how our work is good or bad, whilst this is mostly objective, it’s an important skill that shouldn’t be understated.

Forgotten Youth

After our hand-in on the seventh week, we moved swiftly on to the second part of the module which involved using our gathered skills and knowledge to create a street scene with interactive elements and a set of specific assets.


I started by creating the concept of my game with a mindmap and GDD then supplemented the development process with a Trello board and version control. The final product can be seen at the top of this page.

The main influence of this interactive was the Cuban Missile Crisis back in 1962. This historical moment was modernised somewhat to introduce one of the new superpowers in the world China. This allowed me to focus on the creation of today’s items that are not foreign to me (i.e. I know what a lampost looks like today but not a 1962 lampost), which meant I didn’t have to focus on the research of household items in the 60’s or indeed the appearance of those items in that time period.


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