Big Data Analysis with R and R Markdown


In this project, we looked at the R language and used it to create graphs out of databases. The aim of this was to create interesting graphs, out of databases provided to us, and surmise our findings from a business point of view. There were two parts of this project and we were allowed to work as a pair for the assignment. We decided to take one part each and work on our own, to begin with. After some significant headway from both of us, we looked at each other’s projects to point out flaws and mistakes that we may have otherwise missed.

My part was focused on the databases we were provided with, and using R and R markdown to document the findings from the graphs created. I found this easy to do, but it took a lot of time to complete. The other part focused on findings from real Facebook pages and the links between likes and shares of a post from chosen Facebook groups.

After we had finished our own parts we then went through and checked each other’s work to ensure it was proofread and made sense. Overall we achieved 80% in this module.

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