Website and Phaser Development


In this project we were tasked with creating a website using HTML, CSS and Javascript, another part of the project was to create a game using Phaser. As this was our first delve into coding, and so the three languages we needed to familiarise ourselves with, we were eased into exercises that taught us a lot about the structure and format of our code and how we could apply certain statements for certain results.

The aim of the website was to create a nice portfolio for ourselves, where we could post all of our blog work for other modules, as well as put up portfolio pieces, to advertise what we could do, to potential employers.

After creating the website I decided to try and make a slider using the code we had learnt and a bit of intuition. I was successful in creating the slider and using buttons to interact with how it slides. Unfortunately, something appears to have broken on the live webpage that stops the buttons from working (although they were originally working: Update as of January 2018 I have discontinued the services that hosted this webpage). I was quite proud of the slider as everyone else I had spoken to spoke about downloading plugins for it. This made me feel accomplished and as if I had learnt a lot in a short period of time.

The game that I created was relatively easy to put together and the only real issue I had with it was getting the game to reinitialise the score and lives after a game over. This was fixed with a hammer, by reloading the webpage when this happened, this forced a restart of the game and thus the score and lives.

Another Part of the module was to blog our development on the website using suitable HTML and CSS to do so.

Please note that this website is no longer available due to my inability to pay for the hosting service.

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